In between work, family, relationships, and other commitments it can seem impossible to make time for exercise on top of all that. But what if I told you that you could fit in time for exercise? Let me show you how with these 6 tips!

Having a schedule
If you are serious about fitting exercise into your week then scheduling it in amongst all your other commitments is the way to go! Consider, do you prefer to exercise in the morning, during lunchtime or maybe later in the evening? There may not feel like a perfect time, but you do need to commit to a time that you can manage. Book it in your calendar like any other appointment you would (hairdresser, dentist etc) then you can’t fail!

Consider your location
Will you prefer to workout at the gym or from home? If you have a long commute to your gym from work, school, or home you might want to consider moving to a gym closer to home or even exercising from home. Exercising from home can be a great time saver as you don’t need to travel anywhere and depending on your workout you might not even need any equipment.

I have gym and home training programs available on when you decide what is best for you!

Train SMART, not HARD
You don’t need to exercise 6-7 days a week to get results! If you want to improve your fitness and strength you need to be strategic on how you exercise. If you are strapped for time, I would suggest just 3 workouts per week is all you need! Focusing on full body, high intensity workouts to get your whole body moving and burning lots of calories. By doing this method your workouts can be between 30-45min and that’s it!

Remind yourself of your WHY
Consider the reason you want to exercise in the first place. Has your doctor told you that your exercise needs to be more of a priority? Maybe your weight has crept up over time and you really want to shed those kilos? Or perhaps you just want to feel healthier and fitter for your own wellness and for others (especially if you have kids). It’s good to keep reminding yourself of your goals and the priority behind wanting to achieve that goal.

Waking up earlier
By waking up earlier I don’t mean getting up at 4am so don’t stress! If you find that you run out of time during your day, perhaps setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier can help you be more productive. This could even mean getting that quick workout in first thing, so you have the rest of the day!

Pack your gym bag and prep your meals in advance
Get your gym bag ready the night before and leave it by the front door to take with you in the morning. As well as planning your meals for the week ahead and having it prepared in the fridge ready to go can be a time saver! Being prepared with your nutrition and actions before and after your exercise can keep you motivated towards your goal.

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