How to Stay Motivated During Winter

It’s coming to that time when the mornings and evenings are getting colder and it’s a lot more enticing to stay in bed then get up for the gym. Light and temperature does effect our body rhythms but there are things you can do to push yourself to get up and moving!

Book yourself into a class – Having a set day and time can be helpful for keeping that routine going by attending a few regular classes each week. Great thing about classes is that you don’t need to think about what to do you with exercises, you have the support and motivation of a trainer to guide you and other people around doing the same thing as you!

Wear your training clothes when you go to bed – This can save that struggle of having to get undressed in the morning to put your workout clothes on when it’s freezing cold, also saves time!

Listen to summer beats – Listening to the sounds of summer can make you feel in that summer mood and ready to take on anything! It can make you think into the future and about where you want to be in summer and visualise yourself on the beach in your favourite bikini or rocking that 6 pack. Just search for anything summer related on Spotify, youtube or however you listen to your music and turn it up!

Train with a friend – Having a friend to train with can be super motivating and supportive when you are working towards a particular goal! It’s a great excuse to catch up with a friend and get a workout in at the same time! Either doing a partner workout at the gym or just going for a walk together.

Frequent reminders of your goals – If you are working towards a particular event or date (possibly for a weightloss goal) set a phone reminder each week to ensure you are keeping on track and not forgetting about it! Think about the reason why you started… this could be to be able to squat your bodyweight, lose 10kg, be able to run 3km or just to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. Everyone I talk to tells me about how good they feel after a workout and the satisfaction it gives them to know they are working towards their goals. Don’t forget this feeling! You could even take a few videos or photos of yourself training. Use you to motivate you!

Set specific goals over the winter period and reward yourself – It’s very difficult to be motivated to do something if you don’t have a goal! I like to use the SMART Principle (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time) when setting a goal. Just because it is cold, isn’t an excuse to be inactive when you could be making some real progress. It is also great to give yourself a reward once you have achieved that goal! For example you wanted to have 4 gym sessions this week and you did it! Reward yourself some new activewear, pair of shoes, or maybe a small treat like some froyo or a hot chocolate from your favourite café! It is good to reward yourself along the way to keep you motivated and reminds you of why you started!

Have some Personal Training or get a Personalised Program – If you have lost direction and motivation with your exercise and don’t know what to do or where to start during the winter season, getting in touch with a Personal Trainer is a good start. They can help you set goals and set a plan to get you there. Having a personalised program is great as you know what you should be doing each week to work towards your goal and know it is tailored to you. If you feel like this is you please send me a message as I would love to help you! If it’s with your nutrition, exercise or even trying to stay accountable and motivated.

Remember, summer bodies are built in winter!

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