Natural Remedies for Common Health Problems

Looking for a more natural way to treat your cold, headaches, digestive issues and other common health problems? Look no further! Check out some great remedies for these common issues.

Headaches – Try Peppermint Oil This can be applied to the skin to relieve pain beneath the skin. Runny Nose – Try salt water rise and steaming

Salt water rinse or saline spray can be used to thin mucus as well as steam can help loosen it to blow your nose.

Cold and Flu – Dark leafy greens and Vitamin C These can help prevent cold and flu symptoms by providing the immune support your body needs! As well vitamin C that helps in attacking bacteria when we are sick.

Infected cut – Try Honey Honey has antibacterial qualities and is one of the oldest treatments for cuts and wounds.

Digestion problems and IBS symptoms- Try lemon water, probiotics, ginger and peppermint tea Lemon and water is great to have first thing in the morning to prepare your body’s metabolism and digestion as well as taking a probiotic supplement or foods containing probiotics like fermented vegetables and organic yoghurt. Peppermint tea as well as ginger tea are also great to have to ease IBS. Arthritis or joint pain – Try Tumeric Tumeric has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and can be useful in treating inflammation in soft tissue. Eye Infections – Try Flaxseed Rich on omega 3 fatty acids which are known to reduce the body of free radicals and stimulate the immune system to fight infection.

If you are concerned about any health problem you may have or your symptoms are consistent please seek medical advice from your GP.

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